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[09/10/06 20:16] New email address

We are getting too much spam to our list email so we closed it down. If you wish to contact us send some mail to Petteri posti.

[10/05/06 21:06] Forum taken down

KK forum was spammed by evil spambots so we have taken it down. If you have something to say email us to the usual address kk at medusa dot tutka dot fi.

[11/07/05 21:14] Kajaani Kombat 0.7 released!

Summer, beer and new Kajaani Kombat, what more could you hope for. Version 0.7 is finally here. 0.7 features new kredit system, major bug fix and more balanced big cannons.
ChangeLog: -> 0.7
-Fixed server using too much cpu (problems with threads).
-New kredit-system, also building walls takes kredits.
-Big cannon ammo are better now.

ps. Graphics help is still needed

[06/06/05 17:59] Help Needed!

Team KK is needing some help with the graphics of our next release. So if you are one of the bests graphics artists in the world please join our team and give us your best pixel work for free. We promise you full credit and position in our young and productive team. If you are interested our email is kk at medusa dot tutka dot fi

[25/02/05 02:20] Kajaani Kombat Forum

Kajaani Kombat has now a forum where you can comment or talk about Kajaani Kombat even without any silly registration. Its located here. Feel free pop in and say something.

[08/02/05 21:15] Kajaani Kombat released!

Version is here. Grab it while it's fresh and tasty. Source tarball, Debian, Windows and OS X packages available. Enjoy!
0.6 ->
-Client net communications to own threads, the client is a lot faster now!
-Options menu, configurable keys.
-Saving of options into a file.
-Timelimit on choosing a planet.
-Fixed a lot of bugs

[10/01/05 17:18] Windows package for v0.6 available!

Windows package of release v0.6 available for all you who are using a bad operating system developed by the evil people from Redmond. Enjoy!

[10/01/05 13:24] Kajaani Kombat v0.6 released!

Version 0.6 adds Character Select, Big Cannons, own soundfx for each character and many more improvements. This time we bring you source code, debian and OS X versions (windows version is also coming in couple of days).
0.5 -> 0.6
-New sound effects (different sounds for different characters).
-New big cannons (incl. graphics).
-Kredits for buying cannons.
-Improvement of endround-mode.
-OsX-package (including packaging files).
-Character selecting.
-Mosaic effect on menu.
-Fixed bugs.

[06/01/05 11:28] Kajaani Kombat RPM packages for Red Hat and Fedora

Good news for you Fedora and Redhat lovers. We found nice repository which includes Kajaani Kombat packages for Fedora and Redhat. You can find it here. Happy gaming! And don't forget, Kajaani Kombat 0.6 is just around the corner :)

[23/10/04 23:53] Updated the webpage

New logo and some adjustments.

[10/08/04 11:35] Kajaani Kombat v0.5 released!

Version 0.5 features musics, sound effects and some additional improvements! Currently only source and debian-package available, because no-one in Team KK has M$ windows anymore. HELP NEEDED FOR SOMEONE TO COMPILE IT TO WINDOWS!!! If you can help us and compile it, contact Team KK via email (kk at medusa dot tutka dot fi) Enjoy the new release!

0.4 -> 0.5
-Sound effects & music.
-Removed libreadline-dependency from server.
-New explosions.
-Pre-calculated ammo animations.
-Round statistics.
-Added connection-class (now only 1 connect from 1 machine).
-Fixed bugs.

[04/07/04 20:51] Team KK gets bigger

Team KK welcomes two new members, musician Sami Pyöttiälä and coder Marko Mattila. Version 0.5 is almost ready, hold on to your (black) hats!

[04/07/04 20:50] More imges

Added image from the second KK world championships to the events section.

[05/04/04 21:17] First Kajaani Kombat World Championship

Added events-section with images from the first ever Kajaani Kombat world championships.

[05/04/04 19:20] Kajaani Kombat v0.4 released!

Version 0.4 features a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI), possibility to play with 2 players on the same machine, and integrated server in the client. Enjoy!

0.3 -> 0.4
-Graphical user interface (GUI).
-Playable with 2 players on 1 machine.
-Integrated server into client executable - no external server needed (but is provided in source-package).
-Debian package available (+ debian packaging files).
-Player walls are now removed when (s)he dies.
-Block default orientation to random.
-Fixed block going out from the playing area.
-Fixed lots of small bugs.

[05/04/04 16:10] Daily snapshot

Added back the daily snapshot. It will be updated each night at 3AM eastern european time (Finland's time zone).

[21/02/04 17:00] Kajaani Kombat v0.3 released!

0.2 -> 0.3
-Makefile now compiles straight out of the box also for windows
-Key repeat rate changed in cannon placement & build modes
-Pre-calculated explosions (animations)
-Number of ready cannons next to cursor in shooting mode
-Cursor lock in shooting mode
-Number of cannons to place next to cursor in cannon placement mode
-Status-bar at the bottom of screen, clock & mode moved there
-Crosshair now on top in shooting mode
-Destroyable cannons
-Normal distributed shooting accuracy
-Port choosing for client
-Simple campaign mode (number of round wins required for game win)
-Starfield efect & connected player names to intro mode
-Lots of small fixes to both server & client

[21/02/2004 16:38] Daily snapshot removed for now.

[17/02/2004 05:45] Added the daily snapshot, which will be updated every night at 2am CET!

[31/01/2004 19:00] First public release of Kajaani Kombat, v0.2 available!

Released 31.1.2004. Feedback & bug reports are wished from anyone who play it. Enjoy!

Kajaani Kombat is best enjoyed with sex and beer