Kajaani Kombat
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What is this?

About Kajaani Kombat?

Kajaani Kombat is a funny multiplayer game... and much more! It is a rampart-like game (old arcade classic) set in space.

Kajaani Kombat is playable with two to four players, over the internet or alternatively two players sharing one computer. It is also possible to play over the internet with, for example, 4 players of which two are sharing the same computer. Enjoy it with your friends!

The development team wishes that it gets as much bug-reports & feature requests as possible. Bugtracker can be accessed /here/. You need to sign for an account in the bugtracker before you can submit a bug. We want to remind everybody, that the development team is very active, and will take all bug-reports seriously.

KAJAANI KOMBAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CITY OF KAJAANI The name Kajaani Kombat was inspired when the devel-team visited the summer city of Kajaani and noticed the nice crest of the city, during that time the main theme of the game was still set in the age of castles.


To compile from source, the following is needed:

Client (includes built-in server):
-libsdl-mixer since 0.5

Command-line server:

Client can be compiled with 'make client' and server with 'make server'.

Pre-compiled windows binaries and debian packages are available for download /here/.

See also the README
Kajaani Kombat is released under GNU General Public License v2.

Contacting team KK

You can contact the Kajaani kombat team via Petteri (posti).

If you have a bug report use /this/

Or you can talk about Kajaani Kombat in our forum


Here are some relevant links around the web

- Kajaani Kombat Bugtracer. Report your bugs here.
- Kajaani Kombat CVSweb. Browse the CVS repositories

- Wikipedia article about Rampart, the orginal Arcade game which clone Kajaani Kombat is.
- Castle Combat. Karl Bartels Rampart-clone which inspired us to make Kajaani Kombat.
- Kajaani Kombat at The Linux Game Tome. You can comment our game there. Remember to give five stars!

Kajaani Kombat is best enjoyed with weed and ale